Ellen’s Books

Here you can see what I’ve written and where you can buy my books

My latest pamphlet ‘Women Talking’ containing nine of my poems and nine beautiful paintings by Janet Lynch, on quality paper. Email if you want copies. Also available as a free exhibition currently at Newcastle City Library until 18th March 2020. Pamphlet £8 + £2pp

£8 + £2 pp

New Books in the Ren Trilogy – book 2 Ren and the Blue Cloth, book 3 Ren in Samara both available from Red Squirrel Press, Postbox imprint

Ren and the Blue Hands,(available as a kindle) Ren and the Blue Cloth and Ren in Samara a YA trilogy published by Red Squirrel Press in paperback.

Poetry: includes Breath and Portrait of the Quince as an Older Woman, both published by Red Squirrel Press

Wall Published by Smokestack Books